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Supplement Spot is a group of high quality dietary supplements and dietary supplements which are developed to boost your well being and nicely-being. Phrase Origin mid 18th century: Italian, from Latin cauda ‘tail’. The definition of additional is one thing more that has been put in, or one thing added on. An example of the word additional is when a pie is being made and extra of a spice must be added. Word Origin Center English: from Outdated French compaignon, literally ‘one who breaks bread with another’, based on Latin com- ‘together with’ + panis ‘bread’.

The phrase addendum comes from the Latin phrase addere, which means to add.” An addendum is an addition to a piece of writing — a doc, publication, or book, for instance — that modifies, clarifies or adds to a selected part of the original written work. A component, usually of particular character, issued as an extra function of a newspaper or different periodical.

Phrase Origin early sixteenth century (as an adjective meaning ‘joined on, subordinate’): from Latin adjunctus, past participle of adjungere (see adjoin). All data that is collected, supplied to Verizon Media or saved in your Verizon Media Account will likely be handled, used and protected in accordance with the Verizon Media Privacy Coverage This information may change as Verizon Media revises these Search Services by including or eradicating features or utilizing totally different service suppliers.

2 : a component added to or issued as a continuation of a guide or periodical to right errors or make additions. Additional means an extra individual or factor. AARP Health Insurance coverage is actually by means of United Healthcare. Phrase Origin late Outdated Englishrīdere ‘mounted warrior, knight’ (see journey, -er1). Word Origin late Center English: from Latin codicillus, diminutive of codex, codic- (see codex).

Word Origin mid sixteenth century (in appendix (sense 2)): from Latin, from appendere ‘hold upon’ (see append). Word Origin late Center English: from Latin additio(n-), from the verb addere (see add). Supplement(verb) that which fills up, completes, or makes an addition to, something already organized, arranged, or set apart; particularly, a component added to, or issued as a continuation of, a e book or paper, to make good its deficiencies or appropriate its errors.

We may also gather information supplied by a 3rd-party (together with apps, messaging platforms and different providers) interacting with our Assistants, which may embody: your account data with the third-party, resembling person ID, identify, photo, cellphone number, e mail handle; and system info such as device ID, gadget kind, operating system, and cell service.

3. addition , extra , surcharge The only room supplement is £11 a night. Yahoo has a financial relationship with some content suppliers that permits us to deliver extra helpful outcomes to you. A variety of third get together providers assist power Verizon Media search and sponsored search companies. Word Origin mid 16th century: from Latin postscriptum, neuter previous participle (used as a noun) of postscribere ‘write beneath, add’, from publish ‘after, later’ + scribere ‘write’.

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